RobinTheTrader has shut down permanently

RobinTheTrader goes offline.

May 31th, 2019

Five years ago, I started on the RobinTheTrader brand. I believed that the trading experience could be beautiful and that it was meant to be shared. It was an idea, which did not include paying clients and therefore no ‘money-making’ plan was present. I did not have the intention of making money out of people that were here for learning purposes. We grew, we grew a lot. During the winter of 2017, the amount of subscribers was incredible.

I enjoyed writing down my knowledge and my own trading decisions. I like the way you interacted with me. I loved every single step of it.

But ever since starting the platform, time has been chasing me. Being a full time business consultant, I am not able to keep up with the work anymore. RobinTheTrader was a beautiful adventure, an adventure we were on together. I want the best for you, the best analysis, the best answers to all the questions but more important: I want to be the best person I could be. I cannot give the best when I do not have the time to invest in this platform. I no longer had justification for working more than 18 hours a day, so i decided it would be better to take a little more time for myself and give you the opportunity to find a new platform that feels like home.

I sincerely want to thank you for the years we spend together. Thank you for the time and attention you have contributed. It has been a privilege writing for you every single day. I also want to give a special thank you to Manon, the only person that was always there when I had some trouble trading or my mind. I am looking forward meeting everyone again some day.