In 2014, stock market enthousiast Robin Stoevelaar established RobinTheTrader, offering analyses on different aspects of the financial markets such as CFD’s, Forex and Commodities. RobinTheTrader has grown from around 10 subscribers in december 2014 to more than 1500 subscribers and more than 5500 followers on the BUX platform.

Our goal in 2014 was to provide analyses that were understandable to the public. Our perspective on the stock markets in a way that everyone could enjoy the benefits of trading. Now, a few years later, RobinTheTrader is a known name in the trading business.

RobinTheTrader transformed from focussing on analysis only into an investment specialist focussing on the option markets. The initial plan was written during the winter of 2017 and went into effect from 2018. The base of RobinTheTrader got even more knowledge and strength with the addition of Manon van Schaik.

Rediscover the existing in an understandable way. Creating a workable approach to the financial markets. 

Who Are We?

Robin Stoevelaar

Founder and Trader

Robin is our trading expert. He came in contact with trading at the age of 16 and settled immediately. He established RobinTheTrader in 2014 and expanded really fast! He knows where to look for and how to find the perfect entry point possible. Our expert in Harmonic Patterns and Gann cycles is improving our trading system every day and is becoming more reliable with every trade! With the beginning of RobinTheTrader '2.0' in 2018, he aims to get even better!

Manon van Schaik

Business Analyst

Manon is our business expert. She studies Business Administration: Management, Economics and Law at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She is one of the most talented and hard working students and is also following the Honors Program so she is really a valuable asset on our team. She enjoys taking new challenges and is really good at thinking outside the box. With this, she brings professionalism and new insights to the team and is going to get our trading strategy to the next level!